February 29, 2020

Could you ace this pop culture trivia quiz

By definition pop culture modern popular culture transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at younger people. By practice all of us consume media one way or another; hence […]
March 9, 2020

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Myth buster Quiz

Know the facts about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and help stop the spread of rumors. Take the quiz, like, comment and share. Since the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) rumors […]
February 21, 2020

Would you be able to score more than 4/10 in this flag test?

National flags are patriotic symbols with widely varied interpretations that often include strong military associations because of their original and ongoing use for that purpose. National flag is one of […]
June 4, 2020

Not So Easy Trivia Quiz

Don’t cheat, Don’t Google. Only 23% of adults answer this correctly. We don’t dare to mention the precentage of correct answers among Millennials end and Generation Z Knowledge is a […]
February 22, 2020

Is the celebrity Canadian or American?

US in general and Hollywood in particular is the destination for everyone who is looking for fame and  success in showbiz, entertainment and music scene. Sometimes we get used to […]